President’s Message

Rajarama Rao Bannengala

Dear PMI Pune-Deccan India Chapter Members,

It has been my privilege to serve you as President of the chapter from April 2017. It has been such an enriching experience for me to have served as board member for the last 4 years. Thank you!

First of all, let me congratulate our last President Mr.Girish R. Kadam for becoming the mentor to PM region 11 (coverage to  India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan). I also thank him for guiding the chapter’s success over several years as board member and President.

Your chapter has been regarded one of the most innovative chapters in the world with the initiatives such as Mentoring forums, Web castings, academic initiatives etc. adopted by our sister chapters.

We are also very proud to be part of the Guinness World record setting event organized by Rotary Club of Pune (Midtown branch) as co-hosts and successfully set the world record for longest Zumba dance by large gathering of people.


We had very successfully completed this year’s election process during March-2017. Following are board members for FY17,

During the year two of our board members, Mr. Shyam Bhavsar (VP Corporate Outreach and Governance) and Mr. Ashutosh Nadkarni (VP Marketing and Communications),  have resigned from the board position owing to personal reasons and the board had nominated Mr. Rinoo Rajesh and Mr. Narauttam Das, respectively, as their replacements as per the process.

Chapter is now looking at achieving and surpassing the membership goal of 1000 during this year. We are already at all time high of @968.

During this year we are seeing lots of trend setting changes taking place in PMI corporate and our chapter. All these to focus on you as the core customer and serve you to the best of our abilities for realising the value of the membership with us! 

To this effect, the board has been severely discussing and brain storming over several strategic areas of services that matter to you and to align with strategic objectives from the PMI corporate.

We want to take the service offerings of the chapter more relevant, contemporary, value for money and, they are sustainable in long term for the chapter to keep offering.

Before I go further on the FY17 plans, would like to state the vision and mission statements for the chapter:

Vision Statement:

Be the single go to platform for Project/ Program/Portfolio management, Leadership professionals and organizations in the eco system to excel in their endeavors!

Mission statement:

Organize programs, development workshops, events and research for the success of ecosystem consisting of Project management, Program management, Portfolio management, Leadership professionals and organizations in the mandated region for PMI Pune-Deccan India Chapter

FY17 Strategic plan for service delivery to our chapter members

Some of the salient features of our thinking is captured quite well in the strategy quadrant below,

Following are the strategic goals/objectives that the chapter will pursue during the year,

1. Membership – Recruit, Retain and Reclaim

•       Reach and maintain the Membership strength > 930

•       Target to retain more than 55% of the current members

2.  Achieve membership satisfaction score above PMI benchmark

•       Introduce 6 webinars in collaboration with PMI MAGs

•       Improve the website

•       Improve quality of Programs and increase reach to members

3.  Recruit and maintain the active volunteer count across various portfolio > 50

•       Establish org structure for all portfolios with roles defined

•       Organize volunteer development days and get feedback

•       Make use of VRMS

4.  Achieve reserves of  INR 12Lakhs+  for uninterrupted service delivery to membership – This includes grants from PMI and proceeds from Membership subscriptions

•       Professional development workshops in Goa and other cities in mandated region

•       Collaborate with other chapters, REPs and other eco system partners

5.   Strengthen corporate and academic outreach and governance

•       Establish CXO level connections with major companies in the region

•       Establish at least 3 student extensions of the chapter

Some of the new initiatives that you will notice and will be highlighted by portfolio specific news letters are,

Membership growth: Focused strategy on Recruiting, Retaining and Reclaiming have been adopted to sustain the membership with the chapter. Dedicated portfolio created along with additional investment with back offfice support and systems.

Geographic outreach in the mandated region: Chapter will increase offering the certification workshops in Goa, Nagpur, Nagar, Satara, Kolhapur, Sangli and other cities with help of eco-system partner and local volunteer teams. Chapter wants to catch up with development industry in these areas and help with the adoption of PM practices. More details will flow in this regard.

Mock Exam Simulator: Chapter has been collaborating with a technology start up to develop this service offering to make the life of PMI credential aspirants easy. More details will flow in this regard.

Mentoring forum: We took some time to define this program better and sustainable to run in the long term. Chapter will launch the one-on-one mentoring options under various categories soon. More details will flow in this regard.

PMO for the chapter: We have several new initiatives under various portfolios that are essentially programs/project and need more focused approach in terms of applying planning life cycle and tracking for closure and achieve the desired objectives with them. We are also thinking on making this as a reference implementation for our membership to understand the value of PMO and adopting it in their organizations. More details will flow in this regard.

Industry specific interest groups: For adopting the PM practices appropriate for every industry segments, chapter will be initiating with the interest groups aligned to various industry segments. This would take the adoption to next level with addition of layer specific to industries and accelerate the adoption of the best practices.

CXO Advisory forum and Executive mentors to the board: Chapter needs to evolve further to make ourselves   indispensable in achieving business results for all eco-system attached to us. We need that helping hand and mentoring provided to the board through CXO Advisory forum and Executive mentors.

Increased academic outreach: Chapter will establish student extension of the chapter at various leading institutes/universities by entering MOUs with them. Chapter will pursue offering more programs in partnership with the academics for membership and corporates.

There are several newer initiatives, will be highlighted by the respective portfolios during subsequent newsletters. Please reach out to the board members and volunteers for any information or support needed to fullfill your dreams. Chapter will grow multi fold in years to come and become a set a bench mark in the industry for membership service offerings with the sustained support from all of you!

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely

Rajarama Rao Bannengala ,

President – PMI Pune-Deccan India Chapter


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