You can be connected with the PMI Pune-Deccan India Chapter in three ways:

Social Media presence

PMI Pune-Deccan India chapter has its presence across major media networks. Being a social media member would keep you updated on the events and activities organized by the chapter. You can connect with us on the following Social Media platforms.

To be a social media member, you need not have a PMI membership.

PMI Member:

In a competitive global economy, project managers can’t go it alone. So turn to PMI membership to give you the tools and support you need to make your mark on the profession. Discover more about what our membership is and what benefits it offers, and choose the type of membership that’s best for you. Become a member and see what PMI can offer you at every stage of your career.
For more details:

Pune chapter membership:

PMI encourages local Chapter membership. Chapter membership helps to create a local network with fellow professionals, make friends, support and share ideas. Being a member of Pune chapter entitles you to even more benfits. Click here to join Pune Chapter to know more on the benefits of being a Pune Chapter member.

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