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Gyan Lahiri


A program to turn students of today to be socially conscious leaders of tomorrow! Gyan Lahiri initiative is aimed at building leadership competencies amongst students. This program is conceptualized in cooperation with PMI Pearl City Chapter, Hyderabad.

NLP & HUNA - Mind Matters


Use NLP & HUNA techniques to completely utilise self potential and achieve goals; How to eliminate every limiting belief you can think of and change it into an empowering one; naturally motivate self, inspire yourself and others around you; Experience the wonders of naturally asking appreciative; Inquiry questions to yourself and to others. You are able to use the Wisdom of the SAGES used in ancient times to produce excellent results!

Agile - Scrum


Agile methods offer promising solutions to challenges to software-intensive businesses. Although agile values and principles are easy to explain, they are challenging to implement effectively and roll out in a consistent way throughout an organisation. One gets to learn how to use the Agile/Scrum framework effectively in one’s organisation.

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Chennai chapter
Delhi chapter
Hydrabaad chapter
Kerala chapter
Mumbai chapter
West Bengal chapter

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